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Consulting on the Inside: An Internal Consultant's Guide to Living and Working Inside Organizations

Book Description

Consulting on the Inside 2nd Edition) is hands-on, practical guide for those individuals who live and work as internal consultants to organizations. While these professional must provide most of the services and duties expected of external consultants--objective, unfiltered advice and recommendations,k for example--internal consultants are employe by their client organizations. This book is a complete resource for all experience levels of internal consultants.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise Page
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Table of Contents
  6. Preface
  7. Section I: The Life of the Internal Consultant
    1. Chapter 1: Living as an Internal Consultant
    2. Chapter 2: Identifying and Creating Your Role
    3. Chapter 3: Building Your Practice
    4. Chapter 4: Overcoming Challenges and Roadblocks
  8. Section II: The Consulting Process
    1. Chapter 5: Contact
    2. Chapter 6: Agreement
    3. Chapter 7: Information and Assessment
    4. Chapter 8: Feedback
    5. Chapter 9: Alignment and Change Targets and Transition Strategies
    6. Chapter 10: Implementation
    7. Chapter 11: Evaluation and Learning
  9. Section III: Interpersonal Skills for the Internal Consultant
    1. Chapter 12: Communication and Influence Skills
    2. Chapter 13: Problem-Solving and Negotiation Skills
    3. Chapter 14: Facilitation and Coaching Skills
  10. Section IV: Messages for Success
    1. Chapter 15: Trends
    2. Chapter 16: Consulting Mastery
  11. Appendix 1: A Readiness Checklist
  12. Appendix 2: Sample Agreement Memoranda and Agreement Form
  13. Appendix 3: Organization Development Contract
  14. Appendix 4: The Courtesy Feedback Meeting and Group Feedback Meeting
  15. Appendix 5: A Portrait of ABC Incorporated
  16. Appendix 6: Survey-Feedback Flowchart
  17. Appendix 7: Survey-Feedback Meeting Agendas
  18. Appendix 8: Human Resources Transition Team Charter
  19. Appendix 9: A Vision Process
  20. Appendix 10: Cross-Functional Team Goal/Role Clarification Process
  21. Appendix 11: Conflict Management Model For Teams
  22. Appendix 12: Role-Clarification Meeting
  23. Appendix 13: New Manager Assimilation Process
  24. Appendix 14: Grounding and Centering
  25. References
  26. About the Authors
  27. Index