Fill in the Blanks

  1. All methods of recording and reproduction rely and sequence of __________.
  2. The amplitude of voltage across the head coil depends on the __________ in the core.
  3. The magnetic oxides which are most often used are those of __________
  4. All these oxides are produced in the form of fine __________
  5. A wide variety of magnetic characteristics can be produced by varying the __________ of the __________.
  6. The tape passes over __________ the before passing over the record/replay head.
  7. The tighter you pull the leader the tighter it __________.
  8. To obtain longer playing times __________ tape must be used.
  9. Lower speeds are used for long play in tape recorders.
  10. Higher speeds are used in good quality __________ cassette recorders.
  11. In dual-track ...

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