Fill in the Blanks

  1. The ripple output of a half-wave rectifier is more ____________ to smooth as compared to that of a fullwave rectifier.
  2. The ripple output of a full-wave rectifier is to _______ smooth as compared to that of a half-wave rectifier.
  3. The use of a bridge rectifier circuit gives full wave rectification without a _________ winding.
  4. Filtering requirements are more stringent where _________ signal levels are involved.
  5. Resistance smoothing element is only used for current, constant __________ applications.
  6. Circuits using choke-input filters should be designed to cause _________ to flow through the choke at all times.
  7. To stabilise the operating voltage, a voltage _________ is used.
  8. The lower the required per cent regulation the ________ ...

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