Fill in the Blanks

  1. Tuners are available to receive AM or FM signals——————— or in one———————unit.
  2. FM tuners can provide a greater range of———————and high fidelity over the entire FM range.
  3. An AM tuner is a———————version of a conventional AM radio receiver but without an audio amplifier and———————.
  4. In most cases a hi-fi a.m. tuner is provided as a section of a hi-fi a.m/f.m———————.
  5. The superheterodyne configuration is——————— although design details——————— considerably.
  6. Deluxe a.m. tuners are provided with at least one stage of——————— to improve selectivity and image rejection.
  7. At the frequencies used for f.m. reception, distant stations cannot———————.
  8. The most important difference between a.m. and f.m. receivers is in the——————— circuit.
  9. The limiter ...

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