Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Acoustic doublet action can be prevented by using
    1. a baffle
    2. an enclosure
    3. acoustic coupling
    4. none of these
  2. If a baffle is to be of limited size, the speaker should not be mounted in the
    1. corners
    2. centre
    3. either (a) or (b)
    4. neither (a) nor (b)
  3. A true infinite baffle completely eliminates
    1. speaker resonance
    2. doublet action
    3. acoustic coupling
    4. none of these
  4. Many console radio receivers and some of the early juke boxes emitted a constant.
    1. booming sound
    2. metallic sound
    3. wavering sound
    4. none of these
  5. Compliance is
    1. acoustic capacitance
    2. acoustic inductance
    3. acoustic resistance
    4. none of these
  6. An infinite baffle is
    1. one of the worst speaker mountings
    2. one of the best speaker mountings
    3. an ideal speaker mounting
    4. an economical speaker ...

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