Contemporary High Performance Computing

Book description

Contemporary High Performance Computing: From Petascale toward Exascale focuses on the ecosystems surrounding the world’s leading centers for high performance computing (HPC). It covers many of the important factors involved in each ecosystem: computer architectures, software, applications, facilities, and sponsors.

The first part of the book examines significant trends in HPC systems, including computer architectures, applications, performance, and software. It discusses the growth from terascale to petascale computing and the influence of the TOP500 and Green500 lists. The second part of the book provides a comprehensive overview of 18 HPC ecosystems from around the world. Each chapter in this section describes programmatic motivation for HPC and their important applications; a flagship HPC system overview covering computer architecture, system software, programming systems, storage, visualization, and analytics support; and an overview of their data center/facility. The last part of the book addresses the role of clouds and grids in HPC, including chapters on the Magellan, FutureGrid, and LLGrid projects.

With contributions from top researchers directly involved in designing, deploying, and using these supercomputing systems, this book captures a global picture of the state of the art in HPC.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Dedication
  6. Table of Contents
  7. List of Figures
  8. List of Tables
  9. Preface
  10. Editor
  11. I Trends in HPC
    1. 1 Contemporary High Performance Computing
    2. 2 HPC Challenge: Design, History, and Implementation Highlights
    3. 3 The Green500 List: A Look Back to Look Forward
  12. II Contemporary HPC
    1. 4 Tera 100
    2. 5 The Mole-8.5 Supercomputing System
    3. 6 Supercomputing in the DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program
    4. 7 Keeneland: Computational Science Using Heterogeneous GPU Computing
    5. 8 Blue Gene/P: JUGENE
    6. 9 Roadrunner: The Dawn of Accelerated Computing
    7. 10 Blue Gene/Q: Sequoia and Mira
    8. 11 “Lomonosov”: Supercomputing at Moscow State University
    9. 12 Pleiades: NASA’s First Petascale Supercomputer
    10. 13 The Blue Waters Super-System for Super-Science
    11. 14 Kraken: The First Academic Petaflop Computer
    12. 15 Titan: 20-Petaflop Cray XK7 at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    13. 16 Blacklight: Coherent Shared Memory for Enabling Science
    14. 17 Gordon: A Novel Architecture for Data Intensive Computing
    15. 18 Monte Rosa: Architectural Features and a Path Toward Exascale
    16. 19 Tianhe-1A Supercomputer: System and Application
    17. 20 TSUBAME2.0: The First Petascale Supercomputer in Japan and the Greatest Production in the World
    18. 21 HA-PACS: A Highly Accelerated Parallel Advanced System for Computational Sciences
  13. III Clouds and Grids in HPC
    1. 22 Magellan: A Testbed to Explore Cloud Computing for Science
    2. 23 FutureGrid: A Reconfigurable Testbed for Cloud, HPC, and Grid Computing
    3. 24 LLGrid: Supercomputer for Sensor Processing
  14. Bibliography
  15. Index

Product information

  • Title: Contemporary High Performance Computing
  • Author(s): Jeffrey S. Vetter
  • Release date: November 2017
  • Publisher(s): Chapman and Hall/CRC
  • ISBN: 9781466568358