Contemporary Strategy Analysis, 10th Edition

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Now in its tenth edition, Contemporary Strategy Analysis continues its tradition of accessibility, practicality, and real-world relevance to graduate and undergraduate students around the world. Focusing on strategic analysis, value creation, and implementation, this book provides a rigorous grounding in essential principles while offering up-to-date perspectives based on practices used at leading companies across industries and borders. Comprehensive coverage merges theory and application through new and updated cases, and the discussion surrounding business policy, business strategy, and the business environment links concept to context for a holistic understanding of the mechanisms at work.

To keep pace with the field’s constant evolution, this new edition has been revised to reflect the current business landscape with expanded coverage of critical topics including disruption, innovation, technology, and other factors impacting strategic planning and implementation. Global perspectives throughout highlight the dynamic nature of strategic management in the face of borderless business, equipping students with the well-rounded knowledge base the future of business demands.

Table of contents

  1. COVER
    1. 1 The Concept of Strategy
      1. The Role of Strategy in Success
      2. The Basic Framework for Strategy Analysis
      3. A Brief History of Business Strategy
      4. Strategy Today
      5. How is Strategy Made? The Strategy Process
      6. Strategic Management of Not‐For‐Profit Organizations
    1. 2 Goals, Values, and Performance
      1. Strategy as a Quest for Value
      2. Profit, Cash Flow, and Enterprise Value
      3. Putting Performance Analysis into Practice
      4. Beyond Profit: Values and Corporate Social Responsibility
      5. Beyond Profit: Strategy and Real Options
    2. 3 Industry Analysis: The Fundamentals
      1. From Environmental Analysis to Industry Analysis
      2. Analyzing Industry Attractiveness
      3. Applying Industry Analysis to Forecasting Industry Profitability
      4. Using Industry Analysis to Develop Strategy
      5. Defining Industries: Where to Draw the Boundaries
      6. From Industry Attractiveness to Competitive Advantage: Identifying Key Success Factors
    3. 4 Further Topics in Industry and Competitive Analysis
      1. The Limits of Industry Analysis
      2. Beyond the Five Forces: Complements, Ecosystems, and Business Models
      3. Competitive Interaction: Game Theory and Competitor Analysis
      4. Segmentation and Strategic Groups
    4. 5 Analyzing Resources and Capabilities
      1. The Role of Resources and Capabilities in Strategy Formulation
      2. Identifying Resources and Capabilities
      3. Appraising Resources and Capabilities
      4. Developing Strategy Implications
    5. 6 Organization Structure and Management Systems: The Fundamentals of Strategy Implementation
      1. Strategy Formulation and Strategy Implementation
      2. The Fundamentals of Organizing: Specialization, Cooperation, and Coordination
      3. Developing Organizational Capability
      4. Organization Design
    1. 7 The Sources and Dimensions of Competitive Advantage
      1. How Is Competitive Advantage Established?
      2. How Is Competitive Advantage Sustained?
      3. Cost Advantage
      4. Differentiation Advantage
      5. Can Firms Pursue Both Cost and Differentiation Advantage?
    2. 8 Industry Evolution and Strategic Change
      1. The Industry Life Cycle
      2. The Challenge of Organizational Adaptation and Strategic Change
      3. Managing Strategic Change
    3. 9 Technology‐Based Industries and the Management of Innovation
      1. Competitive Advantage in Technology‐Intensive Industries
      2. Strategies to Exploit Innovation: How and When to Enter
      3. Standards, Platforms, and Network Externalities
      4. Implementing Technology Strategies: Internal and External Sources of Innovation
      5. Implementing Technology Strategies: Organizing for Innovation
    1. 10 Vertical Integration and the Scope of the Firm
      1. Transaction Costs and the Scope of the Firm
      2. The Benefits and Costs of Vertical Integration
      3. Designing Vertical Relationships
    2. 11 Global Strategy and the Multinational Corporation
      1. Implications of International Competition for Industry Analysis
      2. Analyzing Competitive Advantage in an International Context
      3. Internationalization Decisions: Locating Production
      4. Internationalization Decisions: Entering a Foreign Market
      5. Multinational Strategies: Global Integration versus National Differentiation
      6. Implementing International Strategy: Organizing the Multinational Corporation
    3. 12 Diversification Strategy
      1. Motives for Diversification
      2. Competitive Advantage from Diversification
      3. Diversification and Performance
      4. The Meaning of Relatedness in Diversification
    4. 13 Implementing Corporate Strategy: Managing the Multibusiness Firm
      1. The Role of Corporate Management
      2. Managing the Corporate Portfolio
      3. Managing Linkages Across Businesses
      4. Managing Individual Businesses
      5. Managing Change in the Multibusiness Corporation
      6. Governance of Multibusiness Corporations
    5. 14 External Growth Strategies: Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances
      1. Mergers and Acquisitions
      2. Strategic Alliances
    6. 15 Current Trends in Strategic Management
      1. The New Environment of Business
      2. New Directions in Strategic Thinking
      3. Redesigning Organizations
      4. The Changing Role of Managers
    1. Case 1: Tough Mudder Inc.: Building Leadership in Mud Runs*
      1. The Market for Endurance Sports
      2. Growing the Company, Building the Brand
      3. Tough Mudder in 2018
    2. Case 2: Kering SA: Probing the Performance Gap with LVMH*
      1. From PPR to Kering
      2. Kering in 2018
      3. Appendix 1: Kering SA: Financial Data
      4. Appendix 2: LVMH: Selected Financial Data
    3. Case 3: Pot of Gold? The US Legal Marijuana Industry*
      1. Legalization
      2. The Market for Marijuana
      3. Development of Legal Marijuana Industry
      4. The Economics of the Marijuana Business
    4. Case 4: The US Airline Industry in 2018*
      1. From Regulation to Competition
      2. Firm Strategy
      3. The Industry in 2018
    5. Case 5: The Lithium‐Ion Battery Industry*
      1. Lithium‐Ion Batteries
      2. The Market for LIBs
      3. The Manufacture of Lithium‐ion Batteries
      4. Technology
      5. The Supply Chain for LIBs
    6. Case 6: Walmart, Inc. in 2018: The World's Biggest Retailer Faces New Challenges*
      1. History of Walmart
      2. Walmart in 2018
      3. Walmarts' Operations and Activities
    7. Case 7: Harley‐Davidson, Inc. in 2018*
      1. The History of Harley‐Davidson
      2. The Heavyweight Motorcycle Market
      3. Harley‐Davidson in 2018
      4. Appendix: Financial Data
    8. Case 8: BP: Organizational Structure and Management Systems*
      1. A Brief History of BP
      2. The Atomic Structure
      3. The Performance Management System
      4. BP as a Learning Organization
      5. Social and Environmental Responsiveness
      6. Adapting the Management Model, 2001–08
      7. Findings of the Baker Panel
    9. Case 9: Starbucks Corporation, March 2018*
      1. The Starbucks Story
      2. The Starbucks Experience
      3. Broadening Corporate Scope: Diversification, Internationalization, and Technology
    10. Case 10: Eastman Kodak's Quest for a Digital Future*
      1. Kodak's History, 1901–93
      2. Committing to a Digital Future
      3. Emphasis on Printed Images
      4. Harvesting the Traditional Photography Business
      5. Eastman Kodak in 2012
      6. Competition
      7. Kodak's Resources and Capabilities
      8. Reflections
    11. Case 11: The New York Times: Adapting to the Digital Revolution*
      1. The US Newspaper Industry
      2. Decline and Refocusing
      3. Searching for an Online Business Model
      4. Our Path Forward
      5. Digital Initiatives
      6. Looking to the Future
    12. Case 12: Tesla: Disrupting the Auto Industry*
      1. Electric Cars
      2. Tesla Motors, 2003–2018
      3. Tesla's Technology
      4. Tesla's Future
      5. Appendix
    13. Case 13: Video Game Console Industry in 2018*
      1. History of the Video Game Industry, 1972–2018
      2. The Video Game Industry in 2018
      3. Looking to the Future
      4. Appendix: Financial Data for the Leading Console Makers
    14. Case 14: Eni SpA: The Corporate Strategy of an International Energy Major*
      1. The History of Eni
      2. The Petroleum Industry in 2018
      3. The Outlook for Eni in 2018
      4. Appendix
    15. Case 15: Zara: Super‐Fast Fashion*
      1. A Brief History1
      2. Zara in 20183
      3. The Fashion Clothing Business
      4. Meeting current and future challenges
    16. Case 16: Manchester City:Building a Multinational Soccer Enterprise*
      1. Manchester City Football Club
      2. City Football Group Ltd.
      3. Strategy
      4. The Management Team
      5. Player Sourcing, Assessment, and Development
      6. Technology
      7. Marketing
      8. Community Involvement and Corporate Social Responsibility
      9. Organizational Structure
      10. Finance
    17. Case 17: Haier Group: Internationalization Strategy*
      1. Building Leadership in the Home Market
      2. Haier's Management System
      3. Internationalization
      4. Haier's Future as a Global Company
    18. Case 18: The Virgin Group in 2018*
      1. Development of the Virgin Group, 1968–2017
      2. The Virgin Group of Companies in 2018
      3. Looking to the Future
    19. Case 19: Google Is Now Alphabet—But What's the Corporate Strategy?*
      1. The History of Google, 1996–2018
      2. Alphabet's Management and Capabilities
      3. The Future of Alphabet
    20. Case 20: Restructuring General Electric*
      1. The History of GE
      2. GE's Business Portfolio
      3. Planning for a New General Electric
      4. Appendix: Extracts from General Electric Company Update, June 26, 2018
    21. Case 21: Walt Disney, 21st Century Fox, and the Challenge of New Media*
      1. Walt Disney Company
      2. 21st Century Fox
      3. Changes within the Media and Entertainment Sector
      4. Rationale for the Merger
      5. The Debate over the Merger
      6. Summer 2018
      7. Appendix
    22. Case 22: W. L. Gore & Associates: Rethinking Management*
      1. The Founding of Gore
      2. Origins of the Gore Management Philosophy
      3. Organization Structure and Management Principles
      4. Innovation
  10. INDEX

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  • Title: Contemporary Strategy Analysis, 10th Edition
  • Author(s): Robert M. Grant
  • Release date: November 2018
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119495727