Chapter 5

Using Video, Audio, Online Events, and E-Mail for Long-Form Content Marketing

In This Chapter

arrow Creating videos, screencasts, audio, and podcasts

arrow Hosting online events

arrow Integrating e-mail marketing into your content marketing efforts

Even if you’re not a natural writer, you can use long-form content marketing to build your brand and your business. Video, screencasts, audio, podcasts, events, and e-mail can all be forms of content marketing when they are used to indirectly promote your business. Of course, you never want to cross the line that divides content marketing from ads and commercials. This chapter shows you how to create varied types of long-form content that will add value to consumers’ lives and engage them with your brand.

Don’t limit yourself when it comes to long-form content marketing. If you create any content that provides deep value and a new way for consumers to experience your brand, then let that content play its part in your content marketing plan. Remember, if you build it, they won’t necessarily come. Make sure your content is out there for the world to see, share, and talk about!

Creating Videos

Online video continues to grow in popularity with billions ...

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