Chapter 8

Introducing the Tools of Short-Form Content Marketing

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding and using short-form content marketing for your business

arrow Publishing with Facebook

arrow Networking with LinkedIn

arrow Using other social networking tools

For many people, short-form content marketing is less intimidating than long-form content marketing. Perhaps you feel less overwhelmed by the idea of publishing short content to market your business. You can always extend your content marketing plan to include long-form content marketing in the future.

This chapter shows you how to get started using free and inexpensive tools so you can publish short-form content that helps build your brand and your business. Whether you want to publish words, images, or even links, you can use those activities for promotion, and this chapter shows you where and how to do it.

Understanding What Short-Form Marketing Is

Short-form content marketing encompasses all published content that includes no more than a few sentences and communicates useful information. Twitter updates, Facebook updates, LinkedIn updates, and ...

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