Chapter 19

Ten Sites to Publish Your Content for Free

Not only do you need tools to create and enhance your content (you can find ten free tools to do so in Chapter 18), but you also need tools to actually publish the content you create online. Similar to having many free tools that you can use to create your content, you can use a wide variety of free tools to publish that content.

This chapter introduces you to ten popular tools that you can use to publish your content online without paying a penny. These tools and many others are discussed throughout this book, but these are some of the most popular options to get you started.


In Chapter 18, I discuss that is the best blogging application choice because it offers the most functionality and flexibility. However, to use, you have to pay a small monthly fee to a Web host to store and serve your content online. If you’re not interested in paying that fee, Blogger is the best free option. You can’t do everything with Blogger that you can with, but for no out of pocket expenses, it’s fairly feature-rich.

You can create a free account at Blogger and get your blog up and running within minutes. Be sure to read Google Blogger For Dummies, by Susan Gunelius, to discover everything you need to know about using Blogger.


Twitter is the most popular microblogging application, and it’s likely to become a core component of your short-form and conversational ...

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