Chapter 1

Establishing Your Content Marketing Strategy

In This Chapter

arrow Formulating your business goals

arrow Picking your key performance indicators (KPIs)

arrow Catching customers with the Five Cs

arrow Serving your customers using content

arrow Building product habits

Companies have finally recognized what their customers have always known. If they can’t find the content that makes your product easy to use and enjoy, they are off to seek out your competitor. You’ve missed the opportunity to impress them or, in some cases, even get on their radar screen. As marketing expert Seth Godin has said, “Content marketing is the only marketing left.”

This chapter covers what goes into creating a content marketing strategy. Without it, you can’t get the traction you need to beat the competition. You also discover each of the “Five Cs” that must be included to make your strategy complete.

Understanding the Components of a Content Marketing Strategy

To understand how the pieces of a content marketing strategy fit together, ...

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