Chapter 12

Storytelling for Content Marketers

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the science of storytelling

arrow Constructing product stories

arrow Writing great headlines

Most great content marketers know that storytelling is their secret weapon. They know that stories engage us; they have for centuries. Stories can be motivating and give us heroes to emulate. They can teach us how to act and how to cope. They also perform a critical function for the content marketer — persuasion.

In this chapter, you consider the value of storytelling, how to develop a compelling product story, and how to write headlines that capture attention.

Storytelling to Engage Your Audience

Now that the web helps everyone share stories, you need to create brand stories that others can tell for you. A great story can capture your customer’s attention as no other feature or benefits package can.

Seeking the science behind stories

We are hard-wired to love stories, but why is this so? A brief look at neuroscience holds the answer. More has been learned about the brain in the last ten years than the one hundred years before that. We are able to analyze what happens to the chemicals in our brains as they respond to different ...

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