Chapter 14

Examining Channel Plans

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding your channel needs

arrow Developing individual channel plans

arrow Measuring success

How often do you ask yourself whether you’ll ever distribute your content to all the places you’d like to send it? If you have a team dedicated to filling and managing those channels, you are probably less concerned. If you are a solopreneur or a small business owner, it’s a major headache. There are more channels than you could ever hope to address.

In this chapter, you look at how the hard work you have done to set things up in other areas culminates in successful channel plans. The chapter shows you how to create a plan for each channel, a plan that meets your objectives and delights your audience. The key to creating great channel plans is to focus on what your prospects are thinking and doing when they are on that channel. You must focus on giving your customers exactly what they want to see from you on a particular channel.

remember Your customers are on a journey to accomplish something. They are thinking about how they will accomplish their mission. ...

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