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Content to Commerce: Engaging Consumers Across Paid, Owned and Earned Channels

Book Description

Master the publishing and entertainment world's tools and techniques for content marketing success

Over the last decade the convergence of media and technology has turned the marketing world on its head. In order for brands to succeed in today's socially connected world, they must think like publishers and act like media networks. Content to Commerce shows how utilizing publishing- and entertainment-based principles can help brands and marketers use social media effectively—ultimately reaching today's hyper-connected and highly fragmented audiences. From big picture strategy to the tactics and tools require to execute, this book offers a clear approach to social media marketing for both big and small brands alike.

  • Shows how to turn shallow, wide, and short-term projects into deep, narrow, and long-term engagements

  • Explains how to prioritize with a clear escalation path in order to drive big, significant, and measurable value

  • Author Avi Savar is a frequent media commentator on social media, branded content and marketing and was recently named the Jury President of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity's new Branded Content & Entertainment category

Content to Commerce will show you how to conquer the media world's medium and control your own brand's destiny.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise for Content to Commerce
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. About This Book
  7. Cast of Characters
  8. Foreword Andy Markowitz
  9. Preface
  10. Acknowledgments
  11. Introduction
    1. Notes
  12. Section I: Brand as Network
    1. Chapter 1: Beyond Publishing
      1. Publisher's Advantage
      2. Redefining the Audience
      3. Keeping in Touch
      4. Telling Stories
      5. Beyond Publishing
      6. Notes
    2. Chapter 2: Social Media Is an Octopus
      1. Marketing
      2. Customer Relations
      3. Public Relations
      4. Crisis Management
      5. Journalism
      6. Media
      7. Politics
      8. Search
      9. Vanishing Act
      10. Notes
    3. Chapter 3: Social Media Is a Complex System
      1. Who Owns Social?
      2. Cross Channels
      3. Anywhere and Everywhere
      4. A Holistic Approach to Social
      5. Notes
    4. Chapter 4: The Brand Network
      1. Think Like a Network
      2. Channel Architecture
      3. The Grid
      4. Notes
    5. Chapter 5: Business Solutions
      1. Social Commerce
      2. Brandfluence
      3. Advocacy
      4. User-Generated Content
      5. Gaming
      6. Paid Social
      7. Notes
  13. Section II: The Value of the Network
    1. Chapter 6: Higher Highs and Higher Lows
      1. Paid, Owned, and Earned Media
      2. Extending the Life Span of Content
      3. Notes
    2. Chapter 7: Amplification
      1. Tent Poles
      2. Extending Conversations
      3. Notes
    3. Chapter 8: Continuity
      1. Channel Architecture
      2. Brand Channel Management
      3. Community Management
      4. Breaking Through the Clutter
      5. Notes
    4. Chapter 9: Operations
      1. Technology
      2. Talent
      3. The Network Team
  14. Section III: Audience First
    1. Chapter 10: Building Bridges
      1. Social Is Global
      2. Passion Points
      3. A Lot to Learn
      4. Notes
    2. Chapter 11: Welcome to the Party
      1. Meeting Expectations
      2. Welcome to the Party
      3. Listen First, Sell Later
      4. The Opening Line
      5. The Right Fit
      6. Influencers and Advocates
      7. Notes
    3. Chapter 12: Mutual Priorities
      1. In Sync
      2. Stick to the Point
      3. Notes
    4. Chapter 13: Audience Insights
      1. Mashing Up Strategy and Analytics
      2. Take the Time to Listen
      3. Setting Standards
      4. Success Tracking and Evaluation
      5. Content Optimization
      6. Audience Insight Analysis
      7. Notes
    5. Chapter 14: The Art and Science of Listening
      1. Social Personas
      2. Listening Tools
      3. Audience Truths Are Brand Truths
      4. The Engagement Point
      5. Consistent Conversations
      6. Notes
  15. Section IV: Content Is Currency
    1. Chapter 15: Content at the Speed of Culture
      1. Internet Time on Steroids
      2. Caught Short
      3. Faster Equals More
      4. A Matter of Control
      5. Notes
    2. Chapter 16: Content That Connects
      1. Design for Social Media
      2. Interactive Technology for Social
      3. Video for Social Media
      4. Development and Production Slates
      5. Notes
    3. Chapter 17: The Creative Process
      1. Building a Franchise
      2. Campaigns Come in Two Parts
      3. Target Audiences
      4. The Social Ecosystem
      5. In the Moment
      6. Learning As You Go
      7. Making Connections
      8. Spheres of Influence
      9. Filling the Gap
      10. Notes
    4. Chapter 18: Taking Measure
      1. Three Decision Pillars
      2. Inspiration
      3. Distribution
      4. Scorekeeping
      5. A Work in Progress
      6. Notes
  16. Section V: Looking Ahead
    1. Chapter 19: Looking Out
      1. Emerging Social Markets
      2. Mutual Relationships
      3. Going Mobile
      4. Doing Social Business around the World
      5. Notes
    2. Chapter 20: Looking In
      1. Toward the Social Organization
      2. Notes
  17. Section VI: Epilogue
    1. Chapter 21: The Question
      1. Scott Monty, Global Digital and Multimedia Communications Manager, Ford
      2. B. Bonin Bough, Vice President of Global Media and Consumer Engagement, Mondeléz International
      3. Leslie Reiser, Director of WW Digital Marketing, IBM General Business
      4. Rikard Steiber, Global Director of Mobile and Social Ads, Google
      5. Reggie Bradford, Senior Vice President of Product Development, Oracle Former Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Vitrue
      6. Sharon Feder, Chief Operating Officer, Mashable
      7. Mike Edelhart, President of the Pivot Conference and Social Week in New York
      8. Karen Spiegel, Senior Vice President, Managing Director of Marketing and Communications, R/GA
      9. Karen Robinovitz, Cofounder and Chief Creative Officer, Digital Brand Architects
      10. Stephanie Agresta, Global Director of Social Media and Digital, MSLGROUP
      11. Ian Schafer, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Deep Focus
      12. Joe Burton, President and Chief Operating Officer, SocialChorus
      13. Alan Osetek, Global President, Resolution Media, an Omnicom Media Group Company
  18. Index