Chapter 14

The Art and Science of Listening

Effective listening is both an art and a science. That is why the network model employs leading edge systems and technology to pinpoint audiences' needs, wants, interests, and attitudes. This approach focuses on three key variables (Figure 14.1).

1. The business mandate is those brand objectives that need to be addressed through social programs.
2. Audience truths define each target group in a social sphere according to where they are, what they do there, how they feel, and what they want.
3. Brand truths determine how much a brand's products or services are acknowledged and appreciated across the competitive landscape.

Figure 14.1 Three Key Data Sets


When dealing with social media, many marketers have a good idea of what their brand objectives are and what they hope to achieve. It is in the process of achieving those goals that they often run into trouble. One way to improve the odds is to review, and possibly refine, the mandates by thoroughly examining their entire inventory of marketing resources. Included here are all promotional materials, whether or not they are successful; endorsement deals; licensing agreements; existing media; creative properties; and social media activities. It is also a good idea to reach across a brand's enterprise—and beyond—to question assumptions, broaden perspectives, and further clarify objectives. ...

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