Our project problem

This step will be an improvement on the previous chapters, whereby we replace the Fastfile's sigh and cert entries with the use of match.

You can either use the keyword match, or the alias sync_code_signing, interchangeably. For instance: sync_code_signing(type: "development", readonly: true)

Edit the Fastfile, adding the following to automatically fetch the latest code signing certificates:

lane :beta do
    register_devices(devices_file: "devices.txt")
    match(git_url: "https://bitbucket.org/YOUR_TEAM/YOUR_PROJECT",
      type: "development",
      app_identifier: "com.yourname.firefox")
          # gym
    # sh "your_script.sh"
    # You can also use other beta testing services here (run `fastlane actions`)

We will be adding gym (https://docs.fastlane.tools/actions/gym ...

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