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Continuous Integration (CI) With Jenkins - Tool Installation

Video Description

Building a Jenkins automation server based Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline requires five specific software components: Java, Git, Apache Maven, Apache Tomcat, and Jenkins. In this course, you'll develop a solid understanding of the function of each component, how they integrate to do the work of a CI pipeline, and how to install each component.

  • Expand your knowledge of the practices of continuous integration, delivery, and deployment
  • Learn the technologies required to build a Jenkins based continuous integration pipeline
  • Discover the tools used to store code, build software, and release it to different environments
  • Gain hands-on experience installing Java, Git, Apache Maven, Apache Tomcat, and Jenkins
Kevin Bowersox leads development teams that build Java web applications for the federal government. As a Java expert, Kevin shares his 17 years of experience to help coders understand and enjoy the benefits of automating software development practices. He holds a BA in Information Sciences and Technology from Penn State; and is the author of multiple O'Reilly titles on topics such as Spring Framework, Hibernate, Apache Maven, and Jenkins.