Final Thoughts

So you’ve followed our road map to a tee. You’ve cleaned up your organization to eliminate needless, unproductive, and even harmful silos. You’ve scrapped all those old processes that were established in a pre-Internet marketing world. You’ve become more cross-disciplinary and cross-functional, bringing a greater range of voices to the table. And you’ve begun to implement Agile methodology. You’re finished, right?


As you begin to adapt your organization for convergence, you’ll quickly grasp the reality that this job is never really finished. It’s a constant cycle of testing and learning, building and destroying. A central truth of convergence is that it is a constant, never-ending process, not unlike the forces of evolution that ensure our natural world is in a perpetual state of flux. In much the same way, media is rapidly changing. Old outlets decay, while new platforms pop up. But new ones don’t remain new for long and they’re quickly pushed aside in favor of the newest new thing. The same is true of technology, with ceaseless innovation in the cloud, in social media, and in big data, ensuring that we’ll never get bored. This is so even when not mentioning the impending maker revolution, which will impact every object in our physical environment. Meanwhile, creatives have at their disposal a continually refreshed arsenal of new tools and techniques. It follows that brand experiences will need to be constantly refreshed.

Keeping up with all this might seem ...

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