Convert Every Click: Make More Money Online with Holistic Conversion Rate Optimization

Book description

A holistic approach to conversion rate optimization that encompasses an entire business—online and offline—to drive more sales and referrals, and increase bottom-line profits

In order for your business to survive, you must convert anonymous traffic into sales. The better you do that, the more money you make. The science of tweaking and testing webpages to convert the maximum number of people is known as conversion rate optimization (CRO). Convert Every Click introduces an expanded vision of CRO that the author, Benji Rabhan, calls "holistic conversion rate optimization." Internet technology and innovation have changed the way you should be optimizing your business, your marketing, and your websites. The book looks at the psychology behind this new way of optimizing an entire business for more profits. It examines how your website plays a role in your overall business strategy, and details how to use CRO psychology and strategies to increase profits.

  • Teaches proven strategies for increasing conversions across your entire business

  • Details various split testing and data gathering methods and when to use each one

  • Unveils a holistic approach to conversion rate optimization, using technology to create a more customer-centric experience that not only increases conversions, but also improves customer engagement and satisfaction

With guidance from Convert Every Click, you'll learn how to boost conversions and consumption across your entire business by maximizing every bit of your hard-earned traffic before, during, and after a sale.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Preface
  8. Chapter One: What Is Holistic Conversion Rate Optimization?
    1. Let’s Start at the Beginning
    2. What Is Conversion, Anyway?
    3. Conversion Rate Optimization Is Not the Same as Usability
    4. Different Types of Conversion Points
    5. Smaller Steps May Be Necessary
    6. Bottom Line Conversion Is What Counts
    7. What Is Holistic CRO?
    8. Holistic Conversion Pyramid
  9. Chapter Two: Designing Your Funnel
    1. What Is a Funnel?
    2. Aim for a Lean Funnel
    3. Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building Funnels
  10. Chapter Three: Information Capture and Defining the Ideal Conversion Point
    1. What Is Information Capture?
    2. Types of Information to Capture
    3. How Do You Capture Information?
    4. What Information Do You Need to Capture?
    5. Types of Web Forms for Information Capture
    6. Common Mistakes to Avoid with Information Capture
  11. Chapter Four: Split-Testing Strategies
    1. Here’s How It Works
    2. What Is A/B Testing?
    3. What Is Multivariate Testing?
    4. The Best Testing Tools Currently Available
    5. Common Mistakes to Avoid with Split Testing
  12. Chapter Five: How to Gather Data
    1. Why Bother with Data Gathering?
    2. Traditional Data Gathering Methods
    3. Website and Traffic Analytics
    4. Behavioral Analytics
    5. Test before You Test Method
    6. Data Buying, Renting, and Modeling
    7. E-mail Marketing Data
    8. Video Analytics
    9. Traffic Analytics
    10. What Do You Do with All the Data?
    11. Common Mistakes to Avoid with Data Gathering
  13. Chapter Six: Conversion-Centric Design
    1. Universal Conversion Logic
    2. Where Do You Start?
    3. Visitors Evaluate Your Page in a Fraction of a Second
    4. How Important Is Branding for Conversion?
    5. Using Colors and Contrast
    6. Using the Eye-Blur Technique to Evaluate Element Weights
    7. How Page Layout Affects Conversions
    8. Using Eyelines to Create Clarity, Direction, and Focus
    9. Consider Treating Each Foldpage Like a Separate Page
    10. Responsive Design
    11. Common Mistakes to Avoid with Graphic Design
  14. Chapter Seven: Conversion-Centric Copywriting
    1. Customer-Centric Copy
    2. How to Use The Get Principle to Write More Customer-Centric Copy
    3. How to Make Your Copy Hyperrelevant
    4. Increasing Relevance and Credibility of Links
    5. Eight Keys to Writing an Enticing Offer
    6. Common Mistakes to Avoid with Copywriting
  15. Chapter Eight: Video Conversion Strategies
    1. Conversion Rates with and without Video
    2. Video Works When You Keep People Engaged
    3. Video Marketing
    4. Driving Direct Conversion with Video
    5. Common Mistakes to Avoid with Video
  16. Chapter Nine: Landing Page Strategies
    1. Short or Long Landing Pages
    2. Common Mistakes to Avoid with Landing Pages
  17. Chapter Ten: Standard Website Strategies
    1. Your Navigation Should Reflect Your Funnel Design
    2. Building a Strong Page Structure
    3. Define an Exit Strategy for Each Page
    4. Remember the Fold
    5. What about Responsive Design?
    6. Common Mistakes to Avoid with Standard Websites
  18. Chapter Eleven: Shopping Cart Website Strategies
    1. Navigation
    2. Associated Products and Upsells
    3. Shopping Cart Abandonment
    4. Common Mistakes to Avoid with Shopping Cart Websites
  19. Chapter Twelve: Mobile Website Strategies
    1. How Usability Plays a Role in Mobile Conversion
    2. Make the Goal Easy to Find—Really Easy
    3. Do You Really Need a Mobile Website?
    4. Responsive Design Is Becoming More Common
    5. Some Basics to Consider When Building Your Mobile Website
    6. How to Use Call Buttons Effectively
    7. Web Forms Need to Be Simpler, Too
    8. Common Mistakes to Avoid with Mobile Websites
  20. Chapter Thirteen: How to Optimize Traffic for Conversion
    1. Pay-per-Click (PPC) Traffic
    2. Pay-per-View (PPV) Traffic
    3. Display Networks
    4. Video Advertising
    5. Social Media Advertising
    6. Real-Time Bidding or Demand-Side Platforms
    7. Organic (“Free”) Search Traffic
    8. Big Data Analysis
    9. Other Sources of Traffic
    10. Common Mistakes to Avoid with Traffic
  21. Chapter Fourteen: Follow-Up Marketing Strategies
    1. Using E-mail Marketing for Follow-Up
    2. Segmenting Your List
    3. My E-mail Marketing Formula
    4. Types of E-mail Marketing
    5. Using Dynamic E-mail for Advanced E-mail Marketing
    6. How to Split Test E-mail
    7. Remarketing Strategies
    8. Common Mistakes to Avoid with E-Mail Marketing
  22. Chapter Fifteen: Advanced Strategies from Benji’s Conversion Vault
    1. Advanced Strategies 1–3: Three Ways to Use Animation
    2. Advanced Strategy 4: Using Instant Chat and Instigated (Proactive) Chat
    3. Advanced Strategy 5: The Foot in the Door Technique
    4. Advanced Strategy 6: Creating Urgency with Countdown Timers
    5. Advanced Strategy 7: Discount Remarketing
    6. Advanced Strategy 8: The Smooth Capture Methodology
  23. Conclusion
  24. Index

Product information

  • Title: Convert Every Click: Make More Money Online with Holistic Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2013
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118759677