Chapter 3. Preparing the environment 109
3.2.3 Other changes
There are other changes you may want to implement in the DFSMSrmm ISPF
dialog. These changes are:
Add local dialog
DFSMSrmm has a dummy panel named EDGP@LCL, which provides easy
access to local dialog extensions. You can use these extensions without
having to modify DFSMSrmm.
Modify add product volume defaults.
You can modify the dialog EXEC EDGRPADV to change the values to ones
that suit your installation.
Modify DFSMSrmm messages.
DFSMSrmm provides messages for report titles and user notification. You can
customize them by:
Updating the text of a message in the DFSMSrmm message table
Applying changes to EDGMTAB by creating an SMP/E-installable
For more information, please refer to DFSMSrmm Implementation and
Customization Guide, SC26-7405.
3.3 Making TSO HELP information available to users
DFSMSrmm provides online help for the RMM TSO command. The help
information is, by default, installed into the SYS1.SEDGHLP1 data set, although
this can be changed by you during the SMP/E installation process. To use the
help information, copy the contents of SYS1.SEDGHLP1 to SYS1.HELP or
concatenate the library to the other help libraries on the SYSHELP DD
statement. You can update the TSO logon procedure or use the TSO ALLOCATE
command. Figure 3-25 shows how to update the TSO logon procedure.
Example 3-25 Update the TSO logon procedure
// DYNAMNBR=150,TIME=1440
Recommendation: Install your changes using an SMP/E USERMOD
after editing a copy of the EDGRPADV EXEC.

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