Chapter 5. TLMS and DFSMSrmm 201
5.5.5 Owner record information
An owner record is required only for actual owners for whom you want to supply
owner details, and for those who are to be owners for VRS. Other owner records
will be created by CONVERT postprocessing (EDGCVOVL).
Table 5-10 lists the owner record information that DFSMSrmm requires and is not
present in the TLMS database.
Table 5-10 EDGCOREC owner information
5.6 Differences
To complete the comparison of TLMS and DFSMSrmm, we must discuss the
differences in system structure.
Data that DFSMSrmm requires is marked with Req.
TLMS Status
Description TLMS Status
Owner identifier Req
Owner’s surname
Owner’s first name
Owner’s department
Owner’s first address line
Owner’s second address line
Owner’s third address line
Owner’s internal telephone number
Owner’s external telephone number
Owner’s user ID
Owner’s node ID
Data that DFSMSrmm requires is marked with Req.
Not strictly required for conversion. Only the RMM ADDOWNER command enforces the owner’s

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