174 Converting to DFSMSrmm from ASG-ZARA or AutoMedia
The CDSs are shared among systems, and the tape library is partitioned with
TCDB. You need to modify CBRUXENT to partition a library. If you use the
selective REJECT command in EDGRMMxx, it may result in a volume being
recorded in the wrong TCDB. When a volume is moved out of the library and
then comes back again because one record for this volume exists in the CDS, the
REJECT command in EDGRMMxx will not work.
Private volumes are not shared because each system has its own TCDB. If you
want to use private volumes from another system, you must use add volume
entry into the TCDB using the ASM utility. You need to delete the entries after
work to avoid potential problems.
Although only one CDS is used, inventory management tasks should be run on
each system, once for each TCDB, because DFSMSrmm can only return
volumes to scratch on a system which has access to the TCDB containing the
4.3 Using DFSMSrmm with virtual tape solutions
Virtual tape solutions are always related with the use of an automated tape
library, system managed or non-system managed. Therefore, virtual tape
solutions have a different way of working than the traditional tapes. This is why
we want to make a separate section for explaining how they work, and how
DFSMSrmm provides special support for these solutions and their specific
The DFSMSrmm support for virtual solutions is basically the same for IBM
Virtual Tape Server and for other implementations, but there are some specifics
for VTS. The interface between DFSMSrmm and OAM is built-in and automated;
the interface for other virtual tape solutions must be driven by DFSMSrmm
DFSMSrmm supports virtual tape server import/export in different ways
depending on whether or not DFSMSrmm stacked volume support is enabled.
When you enable stacked volume support, DFSMSrmm tracks logical volumes
and stacked volumes.
To verify that the stacked volume support is enabled, go to the DFSMSrmm
Control Record Display panel shown in Figure 4-31.

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