H and H2 Consensus Control of Linear Multi-Agent Systems


4.1    H Consensus on Undirected Graphs

4.1.1    Problem Formulation and Consensus Condition

4.1.2    H Consensus Region

4.1.3    H Performance Limit and Protocol Synthesis

4.2    H2 Consensus on Undirected Graphs

4.3    H Consensus on Directed Graphs

4.3.1    Leader-Follower Graphs

4.3.2    Strongly Connected Directed Graphs

4.4    Notes

In the previous chapters, we have considered the consensus problems for multiagent systems with linear node dynamics. In many circumstances, the agent dynamics might be subject to external disturbances, for which case the consensus protocols should maintain certain required disturbance attenuation performance. In this chapter, we consider ...

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