Chapter 9

Checking Out Paid Streaming Services


Bullet Seeing what you get with a paid streaming subscription

Bullet Understanding the different types of paid streaming services

Bullet Reviewing a few on-demand services

Bullet Eyeballing some cable-replacement services

Bullet Taking a look at a few premium channels

Once you've cut the cord and have washed your hands of the cable company, you're left with a gaping primetime void that needs to be filled with, well, something. Huge numbers of cord cutters have cobbled together a satisfying TV watching experience from over-the-air channels (see Chapters 3 through 5), free streaming services (see Chapter 8), and YouTube cat videos. It's entertaining, there's no shortage of content, and it's cheaper than dirt.

The problem with that approach, however, is that you miss out on a ton of the biggest and most popular shows, from Game of Thrones and The Crown to Better Call Saul and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. These shows and others that have become cultural touchstones ...

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