Absolute expiry time, 739

Abstract base classes, data provider, 504

AbstractDA.cs, 568–572

AbstractEntity.cs, 470–471

Accept-Language HTTP value, 966

Access control list (ACL), 757

AccessDataSource control, 554, 562

Accessible tables, creating, 154–158

AccessibleHeaderText property, DataControlField, 619

AccessibleTable.aspx, 156

AccessKey attribute, Label control, 109

AccessKey property, WebControl class, 103

AcquireRequestState event, 94

Activate event, View control, 193

Active Directory or Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM), 793

ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider, 793

ActiveStepChanged event handler, 220–221

ActiveStepChanged event, Wizard control, 219

ActiveViewChanged event, MultiView control, 193

ActiveViewIndex property, ...

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