Core Java™ Volume II–Advanced Features, Eighth Edition

Book description

The revised edition of the classic Core Java™, Volume II–Advanced Features, covers advanced user-interface programming and the enterprise features of the Java SE 6 platform. Like Volume I (which covers the core language and library features), this volume has been updated for Java SE 6 and new coverage is highlighted throughout. All sample programs have been carefully crafted to illustrate the latest programming techniques, displaying best-practices solutions to the types of real-world problems professional developers encounter.

Volume II includes new sections on the StAX API, JDBC 4, compiler API, scripting framework, splash screen and tray APIs, and many other Java SE 6 enhancements. In this book, the authors focus on the more advanced features of the Java language, including complete coverage of 

  • Streams and Files

  • Networking

  • Database programming

  • XML

  • JNDI and LDAP

  • Internationalization

  • Advanced GUI components

  • Java 2D and advanced AWT

  • JavaBeans

  • Security

  • RMI and Web services

  • Collections

  • Annotations

  • Native methods

  • For thorough coverage of Java fundamentals–including interfaces and inner classes, GUI programming with Swing, exception handling, generics, collections, and concurrency–look for the eighth edition of Core Java™, Volume I–Fundamentals (ISBN: 978-0-13-235476-9).

    Product information

    • Title: Core Java™ Volume II–Advanced Features, Eighth Edition
    • Author(s): Cay S. Horstmann, Gary Cornell
    • Release date: April 2008
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 9780137144488