Chapter 7. I18N Actions

Topics in This Chapter

  • Overview

  • I18N and L10N

  • Localization Contexts

  • An Overview of the I18N Actions

  • Use of <fmt:message>

  • Request EncodingRequest Encoding

  • I18N Custom Actions

At the end of the 20th century, with the World Wide Web in its infancy, most Web sites were implemented for a single language, but that's starting to change as more Web sites offer content in multiple languages. Web sites that adapt to a reader's native language and customs have an obvious competitive advantage over those that do not.

JSTL provides a number of actions that help you internationalize your Web sites:

  • <fmt:setLocale>

  • <fmt:setBundle>

  • <fmt:bundle>

  • <fmt:message>

  • <fmt:param>

  • <fmt:requestEncoding>

JSTL also provides a handful of actions for formatting and parsing ...

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