object order

     commands for, 153–154

     reversing for Artistic Text objects, 250

Object Properties docker

     choosing colors from, 382

     formatting characters from, 244–246

     illustrated, 325

     Outline section of, 324–325

     Pen Color mini flyout, 325–326

     Share Attributes checkbox, 332

     showing/hiding, 325

     using OpenType features on, 245–246, 248, 249

object styles, 246–249

objects. See also extruding objects; shapes

     acceleration marker for, 351, 355

     adding lighting to, 65–67

     alignment options for, 104–106

     applying hyperlinks to, 631–633

     blend and contour effects for, 347

     blending into different shapes, 350–351

     checking edges of masked, 514

     choosing all, 139–140

     clearing ...

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