Chapter 1. Corporate Blogging from Soup to Nuts

In This Chapter

  • Defining corporate blogging

  • Delineating a corporate blog from a Web site or a personal blog

  • Surveying the key features of a blog

  • Understanding the benefits of a corporate blog

  • Outlining the best ways to create a successful corporate blog

What is blogging? Blogging is the ability to publish articles via the Web, using platforms that are simple to use. These articles are published in descending order, providing the most recent articles first. Blogs make content easy to publish and easy to find. You read about the distinctive blog characteristics throughout this book.

As social media continues to rise in both popularity and demand, businesses are compelled to join this incredible marketing and communication movement. Blogging is the centerpiece of a great social media strategy because it can lead Internet traffic from various sources into your sales funnel.

Blogging isn't simply about garnering more online prospects, though. Blogging is a strategy that has enormous benefits to organizations well beyond prospecting. Blogging can help leaders communicate the vision of their company to employees, prospects, and shareholders. Blogging can provide a great knowledge base to support your customer service department. Blogging can also spotlight the talent in your organization, giving your company authority in your industry.

Why Blogging Is Different than Your Web Site

Your Web site is an essential part of your online marketing presence. ...

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