Chapter 3. Deciding On Your Blogging Goals

In This Chapter

  • Defining goals for your blog

  • Calculating your return on investment

  • Measuring the impact of your blog

A business grows by both increasing revenue and reducing expenses. Your corporate blogging strategy can help either, but you need to decide what your objectives are, how to determine goals for each objective, and how to measure the success of the objectives.

Setting goals may be difficult at first but over time, you'll observe trends in visits, pageviews, and conversions that you can monitor and predict, making goal-setting much easier.

Ultimately, your return on investment for blogging will not be found in the first month or even the first quarter. Each post that you publish may have the information necessary in it to produce revenue for your company, but that revenue may not come today, tomorrow, or next week. Blogging is a strategy that requires time and momentum.

Your blogging strategy may ultimately take months, even a year to realize results — but those results will only continue to grow while you continue to write content. This chapter helps you define your strategy by showing you how to determine your target audience, how to design objectives, and how to estimate your return on investment and evaluate results. Let's get started!

Setting Goals for Your Blogging Strategy

Understanding the business benefits of corporate blogging for your company is imperative. Your blog will have an impact on your company culture, your sales ...

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