Chapter 4. Using a Domain That Matters for Your Corporate Blog

In This Chapter

  • Putting the company's best foot forward online

  • Adding search capabilities to a corporate blog

  • Fitting an online domain to your company's needs

  • Placing your blog to best advantage

You may have just written a blog entry that will set your industry on its ear or get the masses clamoring for your product. But if the company Web site is so clunky or boring that nobody manages to find your blog, then nobody can see what a fascinating, informative, valuable resource it is for your company, right? Well, the old marketing maxim that "you don't get a second chance to make a first impression" is more relevant than ever when you're trying to make contact on Internet time. Hordes of Web-surfing visitors may land on your company Web site — but how many stay long enough to become customers, or even regulars? How many just glance at your site and zip away to somewhere else? An inviting, attractive site may capture your visitors' attention just long enough to give your blog a chance to start building relationships. An ugly or dull site may repel all those visitors in the blink of an eye. It's worth asking two questions: (1) How will your blog fit into the company Web site, and (2) can your company really afford ho-hum Web design?

This chapter is about giving your corporate blog its best shot at reaching your business audience. Here you can find a perspective that may help you change some in-house minds about the importance ...

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