Chapter 7. Working with Your Blogging Team

In This Chapter

  • Building a balanced blogging team

  • Communicating your blogging strategy with your team

  • Rewarding results with your blogging team

Reaching your blogging goals is possible only if your bloggers work as a team and execute your blogging strategy well. Imagine your blogging team as a football team with coaches, trainers, offense, defense ... and maybe even some cheerleaders!

Most companies don't have the resources to fully man a team dedicated solely to blogging, so you'll have to negotiate with employees' time. As well, because blogging isn't a primary duty of your employees, you'll need to train and motivate them.

There's no trophy waiting for your company when they blog well, but over time, you will see that you're building authority in your industry, acquiring leads, retaining customers, and genuinely seeing a large impact. You need persistence, a great strategy, and a lot of time, though — especially if you're starting from scratch.

Deciding Who Should Blog in Your Organization

Many companies tend to want their internal leadership to write their blogs. Leaders within your organization are more often likely to promote the company externally, network with other professionals, speak publicly, or even write for periodicals. As such, leaders are fantastic candidates for your blog — a natural fit.

However, because companies are interested in the capability of blogs to put a face to their logo and brand, more often, they look to customer ...

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