Chapter 10. How to Blog without Writing

In This Chapter

  • Expanding your audience with guest bloggers

  • Using customer testimonials to build your authority

  • Adding life with customer comments

  • Incorporating multimedia technologies

Blogging is about setting expectations and delivering on them. To capture the audience attention, you must regularly publish relevant content. And to capture search engine attention, you must frequently publish.

After months of blogging, you'll begin to see sustained growth in the number of readers, the number of people referring to you, and the number of visitors from search engines. If you stop or even pause for a week or two, though, you'll find that your stats will drop — much faster than you gained them.

That's why blogging is a long-term strategy and one of momentum. The advantage of blogging is that after a month of blogging, you continue to grow your audience beyond that month. After a year of blogging, you'll have a substantial audience. Year two builds on the foundation of year one, year three on year two, and on and on.

As you continue to blog, your audience grows, your ability to be found grows, your authority grows, and your sales will grow as well. If you're tempted to take a break, don't! Instead, harness other content, bloggers, and resources to supplement your content so your blog will continue to grow.

Spotlighting Other Experts with a Guest Blogging Program

Guest blogging is a great tactic for sustaining momentum, getting great content, and growing ...

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