Chapter 2

Navigating the World of Corporate Finance

In This Chapter

arrow Taking a look at the main organizations involved in corporate finance

arrow Understanding who’s who in the world of finance

arrow Knowing where to go for more information

Welcome to the wondrous world of corporate finance, where your wildest fantasies are liable to come true (assuming that your wildest fantasies have something to do with analyzing financial data)! Unfortunately, though, getting lost in Finance Land is pretty easy to do, considering it’s filled with a variety of organizations and people whose exact roles are rather specialized and unfamiliar to people outside the inner circles of corporate finance.

Consider this chapter to be something of a road map to help you navigate your way through the complex world of corporate finance. Here, I discuss not only the different organizations involved in corporate finance but also the many people involved and the different jobs they have. In case you’re still lost after reading this chapter (and the rest of the book), I also include a list of helpful sources you can check out for more information on corporate finance basics.

Visiting the Main Attractions in Finance Land

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