Chapter 21

Ten Things You Need to Know about International Finance

In This Chapter

arrow Getting familiar with international currency

arrow Considering the opportunities and risks of international investments

arrow Sourcing capital and distributing products globally

Despite what you’ve been told, the world is a very large place, and the people within it vary quite a bit from each other. While this diversity makes the world a much more interesting place than it otherwise would be in a homogenous global population, these differences do cause some unique circumstances in corporate finance that you must understand, anticipate, and utilize to your benefit in order for the corporation to remain competitive. As advances in global communication, information, and transportation occur, it is not enough to simply remain domestically-minded, as “sticking your head in the sand” will do nothing more to blind you to the manner in which corporations around the world are already influencing your own company and your own life. This chapter discusses some of those things that are uniquely related to international finance.

There’s No Such Thing as a Trade Imbalance

When you go to an electronics store to buy a computer, ...

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