Chinese listed companies have established modern corporate governance structures and governance mechanisms gradually. For both academic and operational circles, it is an urgent matter to understand which governance model is more suitable for the governance environment where Chinese listed companies survive.

Issues of importance include:

  • the quality of corporate governance of listed companies in China
  • whether the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders are effectively protected
  • how to improve corporate performance through the management of the shareholder structure of listed companies
  • how to regulate shareholders' conferences and ensure the independence of listed companies
  • how boards function to form the perfect decision-making and supervisory mechanisms
  • what incentive and restraint mechanisms should be implemented to effectively reduce agency costs and promote agent endeavor for the long-term development of the company
  • how to establish and improve information disclosure systems
  • what kind of mechanisms of stakeholders' participation in corporate governance should be established to enhance corporate performances
  • what the factors determining the quality of corporate governance are
  • what the relationship is between the quality of corporate governance and corporate performance.

The core action to address these issues is to establish a corporate governance appraisal system adapted to the outside environment. Through the operation of the system, we can view the functioning ...

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