Theories and Models of Corporate Governance

Chapter Outline

  • Theoretical Basis of Corporate Governance
  • Agency Theory
  • Stewardship Theory
  • Stakeholder Theory
  • Sociological Theory
  • Resource Dependency Theory
  • Transaction Cost Theory
  • Hazard Model Theory
  • Political Theory
  • Ethics Theory
  • Corporate Governance Mechanisms
  • Corporate Governance Systems
  • Anglo Saxon Model
  • Japanese Model
  • German Model
  • Latin American Model
  • Indian Model of Corporate Governance
  • What is “Good” Corporate Governance?
  • Obligations to Society at Large
  • Obligation to Investors
  • Obligation to Employees
  • Obligation to Customers
  • Managerial Obligation

“Corporate Governance is to conduct the business in accordance with owner or shareholders’ desires, which generally will be to make as much money ...

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