Companies Act 1956—Synopsis | 111
Reconversion of Producer Company to Inter
State Co-Operative Society
Winding up of Unregistered Companies
Companies Incorporated Outside India
Provisions as to establishment of places of busi-
ness of India
Registration Oces and Ocers and Fees
Application of Act to Government Companies
Collection of information and statistics from
Modication of Act in its application to Nidhis and
Mutual Benet Societies
Oences against Act to be congnizable only on
complaint by Registrar, shareholder or Government
Composition of certain oences
112 | Companies Act 1956—Synopsis
Jurisdiction to try oences
Certain oences triable summarily I Presidency
Oences to be non-cognizable
Power of Central Government to appoint com-
pany prosecutors
Appeal against acquittal
Payment of compensation in cases of frivolous or
vexatious prosecution
Application of nes
Production and inspection of books where oence
Penalty for false statements
Penalty for false evidence
Penalty where no specic penalty is provided else-
where in the Act
Penalty for wrongful withholding of property
Penalty for improper use of words ‘Limited’ and
‘Private Limited’
Legal proceedings
Temporary protection of employees
Reduction of fees payable to company
Delegation of powers and functions of Central
Grant of approval etc, subject to conditions and
levy of fees on applications
Annual report on working of Act
Validation of registration of rms in certain cases
Computation of time for ling orders of Court or
the Tribunal
Schedules, forms and rules
Companies Act 1956—Synopsis | 113
Rules and Regulations
1 Companies (Central Government’s) General
Rules and Forms, 1956
1a MCA 21 Initiation Guide
2 Companies Regulations, 1956
3 Company Law Board Regulations, 1991
4 Companies (Court) Rules, 1959
5 Companies (Fees on Applications) Rules 1999
6 Company Law Board (Fees on Applications and
Petitions) Rules, 1991
7 Companies (Appointment and Qualications of
Secretary) Rules, 1991
8 Company Law Board (Qualications, Experience
and other conditions of Service of Members)
Rules, 1993
9 Department’s instructions as regards procedure
for grant of licence under section 25 of the Com-
panies Act
10 Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Rules, 1975
11 Companies (Application for Extension of Time
or Exemption under sub-section (8) of section
58A) Rules, 1979
12 Private Limited Company and Unlisted Pub-
lic Limited Company (Buy-back of securities)
Rules, 1999
13 Public Companies (Terms of Issue of Debentures
and Raising of Loans with Option to Convert
such Debentures or Loans into Shares) Rules,
114 | Companies Act 1956—Synopsis
14 Companies (Issue of Share Certicates) Rules,
15 Companies (Public Trustee) Rules, 1973
16 Trustees (Declaration of Holdings of Shares and
Debentures) Rules 1964
17 Companies (Preservation and Disposal of Records)
Rules, 1996
18 Companies (Declaration of Benecial Interest in
Shares) Rules, 1975
19 Companies (Transfer of Prots to Reserves)
Rules 1975
20 Companies (Declaration of Dividend out of
Reserves) Rules, 1975
21 Companies Unpaid Dividend (Transfer to General
Revenue Account of the Central Government)
Rules, 1978
22 Companies (Disclosure of Particulars in the
Report of Board of Directors) Rules, 1988
23 Companies (Particulars of Employees) Rules,
24 Companies (Auditor’s Report) Order, 2003
25 Companies (Branch Audit Exemption) Rules,
26 Cost Audit Report Rules, 2001
27 Companies (Appointment of Sole Agents) Rules,
28 Companies (Ocial Liquidator’s Accounts)
Rules, 1965
29 Companies Liquidation Accounts Rules, 1965
30 Application of Sec 159 to Foreign Companies
Rules, 1975
Companies Act 1956—Synopsis | 115
31 Oces of the Company Law Board Benches
(Destruction of Records) Rules, 1980
32 Oces of the Regional Directors (Destruction
of Records) Rules, 1976
33 Disposal of Records (in the oces of the Regis-
trars of Companies) Rules, 2003
34 Oce of the Public Trustee (Destruction of
Records) Rules, 1984
35 Company Law Settlement Scheme, 2010 (CLSS-
36 Easy Exit Scheme, 2010
37 Guidelines on Corporate Identity Number
38 Companies (Compliance Certicates) Rules, 2001
39 Companies (Issue of Share Capital with Dieren-
tial Voting Rights) Rules, 2001
40 Companies (Appointment of Small Shareholders’
Directors) Rules, 2001
41 Companies (Passing of the Resolutions by Postal
Ballot) Rules, 2001
42 Investor Education and Protection Fund (Aware-
ness and Protection of Investors) Rules, 2001
43 Director’s Relatives (Oce or Place of Prot)
Rules, 2003
44 Companies (Disqualication of Directors under
section 274 (I) (g) of the Companies Act, 1956)
Rules, 2003
45 Unlisted Companies (Issue of Sweat Equity
Shares) Rules, 2003
46 Unlisted Public Companies (Preferential Allotment)
Rules, 2003

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