We wish to express thanks to the many colleagues, clients, and friends who have enriched our understanding of the corporate information factory over the years. It is through their collective efforts that ideas become reality, and it is from this reality that we learn and write. We would like to extend a special thanks to:

John Zachman, Zachman International

John Bair, Independent consultant

Lowell Fryman, C/Net

Roger Geiwitz, Independent consultant

Sue Osterfelt, Bank of America

JD Welch, IBM

Dennis McCann, ambeo

Ken Richardson, ambeo

Dale Brocklehurst, ambeo

Joyce Norris-Montanari, Braun Consulting

Jon Geiger, Braun Consulting

Steve Miller, Braun Consulting

Jim Kalustian, Braun Consulting

Mike Evanisko, Braun Consulting

Dave Imhoff, Intelligent Solutions

Rob Geller, Quest

Robert Grim, Independent consultant

Pete Simcox, Genesis

Mark Mays, Arrowhead Consulting

warehouseMCI team

John Ladley, Knowledge Interspace

Doug Laney, Meta Group

Bob Lokken, Knosys

Brian Burnett, AppsCo

Steve Murchie, Microsoft

Bill Baker, Microsoft

Allen Perry, Coglin Mill

Ron Powell, DM Review

Bill Prentice, SAS

Mike Wipperfeld, Informix

Lisa Loftis, Braun Consulting

Steve Hill, Informix

Keven Gould, Sybase

Stephen Gardner, NCR

Ron Swift, NCR

Marc Demarest, Independent consultant

Jeanne Friedman, Independent consultant

Greg Battas, Tandem Computers

Ralph Kimball, Kimball and Associates

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