Creating an Information Ecosystem

Business is quickly reshaping itself to compete in a global economy governed by the needs of the customer (e.g., individual, business, etc.). The economies gained over the past three decades by automating manual business processes are no longer enough to gain a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. To compete, businesses need to be able to build a new set of capabilities that deliver best-of-breed business intelligence and business management solutions that can leverage this legacy environment.

But wait! Perhaps the genesis is already upon us. Your IT department is being bombarded with a growing number of targeted information architectures, technologies, methodologies, terms, and acronyms. Each of these advances promises to deliver competitiveness in one easy step, such as:

Images   Data warehousing

Images   Data repository

Images   Operational data store

Images   Data marts

Images   Data mining

   Internet and intranet

   Multidimensional and relational databases

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