Chapter 10

Business Sustainability in Action: Global Initiatives and Emerging Issues

Business sustainability has gained a widespread acceptance in the past decade and is now supported by a powerful coalition of forces including senior executives of high-profile global companies and business associations. A number of global initiatives presented in this chapter are relevant to business sustainability and sustainability reporting and assurance. These initiatives provide guidance to organizations in managing the economic, governance, social, ethical, and environmental (EGSEE) dimensions of sustainability standards and are intended to improve product quality, operational effectiveness, and efficiency. They also aim to promote global trade, enhance risk assessment, foster social responsibilities, preserve the environment, strengthen governance, and standardize business sustainability. These initiatives also provide best practices for product quality assurance, risk management, environmental stewardship, governance effectiveness, quality assurance, supply-chain management, socially responsible behavior, balancing trades, strategic decisions, and sustainable performance. This chapter presents practical guidance on business sustainability as well as global initiatives and emerging issues in business sustainability.


Sustainability is gaining momentum and becoming an integral component of corporate strategies. In the third annual “Sustainability & Innovation ...

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