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Costume Craftwork on a Budget

Book Description

Part of your job as the costume designer is to be creative and use what materials are available to you to execute the design elements in a production. This book will show you how to use inexpensive materials to create durable products in a short amount of time that are practical and technical. It is written in an easy-to-follow manner and each step is shown with a wide array of illustrations and photographs. From creating armour out of laundry baskets, to detailed tricks to create a prosthetic nose for a witch, this book will show the techniques needed for you to produce end results that are beautiful, economical, and fast to make.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Halftitle
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Table of Contents
  6. Preface
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Introduction
  9. Section One 3-D Makeup, Teeth, Wigs, And Beards
    1. Chapter 1 3-D Makeup — Prosthetic Pieces
      1. Full-Head Life Casting and Hot Foam Mask
      2. Face Life Casting and Making a Cold Foam Prosthetic Piece
      3. Making Gel-Foam and Liquid Latex Prosthetic Pieces
    2. Chapter 2 Teeth
      1. Creating Fangs for Vampires
      2. Making Crooked Teeth
    3. Chapter 3 Wigs
      1. Adding a Natural Hairline to an Existing Wig
      2. Making a Half-Bald Wig
      3. Creating a Japanese Wig from Scratch
      4. Creating a Wig with Yak Hair
      5. Dyeing Wigs
      6. Creating Hair Extensions
    4. Chapter 4 Beards
      1. Making a Goatee
      2. Making a Full Beard
      3. Making a Chinese Opera Beard
  10. Section Two Masks
    1. Chapter 5 Rubber Masks
      1. Making Latex Masks with Closed Molds
      2. Making Rubber Masks with an Open Negative Mold
    2. Chapter 6 Varaform and Wonderflex Masks
      1. Making a Varaform Mask with a Positive Mold
      2. Making Wonderflex Masks with a Positive Mold
    3. Chapter 7 Mixed-Materials Masks
      1. Making a Buckram and Paper Mask from a Positive Mold
      2. Making a Mask from Instant Papier-Mâché
      3. Making a Mask from Laminated Fabric
  11. Section Three Hats and Headdresses
    1. Chapter 8 Variety Hats
      1. Making a Top Hat
      2. Making a Brimless Hat
      3. Making a Round Crown and Big-Brimmed Hat
      4. Altering an Existing Felt Hat to a 1920s Hat
      5. Blocking a Felt Hat
      6. Making a Wire-Framed Hat
    2. Chapter 9 Straw and Horsehair Hats
      1. Making a Straw Bonnet
      2. Altering Horsehair Hats
    3. Chapter 10 Crowns
      1. Making an Egyptian Crown
      2. Making Medieval European Crowns
    4. Chapter 11 Turbans and Hoods
      1. Making a Round Turban
      2. Making a Wrapped Hard-body Turban
      3. Making a Soft-body Turban
      4. Making Medieval Chaperon Hoods
    5. Chapter 12 Headdresses
      1. Making Exotic Headdresses
      2. Making a Horn Headdress
      3. Making a “Chrysler Building” Headdress
      4. Making a Peasant Headdress
      5. Making a Medieval Caul Headdress
      6. Making a Renaissance Roundelet Headdress
      7. Making a Roller Headdress
      8. Making a Carmen Miranda–Style Fruit Headdress
      9. Making a Chinese Opera Headdress
  12. Section Four Animal Headdresses and Nonhuman Costumes
    1. Chapter 13 Rubber Outfit
      1. Making a Crocodile Costume
    2. Chapter 14 Fabric Outfits
      1. Making a Swan Costume
      2. Making a Tree Costume
      3. Making a Fruit Costume
    3. Chapter 15 Wired-framed Headdresses
    4. Chapter 16 Foam Headdresses and Costumes
      1. Making Horse Headdresses
      2. Making Mole and Squirrel Headdresses
      3. Making Halloween Costumes
      4. Making a Snake Headdress/Costume
  13. Section Five Armor
    1. Chapter 17 War Helmets from Household Items
      1. Making the Helmet Base
      2. Making the Four Helmet Styles
    2. Chapter 18 Body Armor
      1. Making Armor from Household Items
      2. Altering and Decorating Existing Plastic Armor
  14. Section Six Leather Products
    1. Chapter 19 Suede Leather Shoes and Boots
      1. Making Boots
    2. Chapter 20 Leather Apron and Jacket
      1. Making a Leather Apron
      2. Making a Colorful Leather Jacket
  15. Section Seven Accessories
    1. Chapter 21 Jewelry and Mittens
      1. Making Cheap Jewelry
      2. Making Leather Mittens
  16. Section Eight Changing Cheap Clothing Into Elegant Garments
    1. Chapter 22 Altering Women’s Dresses
      1. Altering an Old-Fashioned Dress to a 1920s–30s Wedding Dress
      2. Altering a Used Dress to a 1920s–30s Evening Dress
      3. Altering and Dyeing a Modern Dress to a Renaissance Gown
    2. Chapter 23 Altering Men’s Jackets
      1. Altering a Modern Jacket to a Smoking Jacket
      2. Altering a Modern Jacket to a Late-Nineteenth to Early-Twentieth Century Jacket
  17. Section Nine Making New Garments Old
    1. Chapter 24 Aging and Distressing Costumes
      1. Ways to Age and Distress Costumes
      2. Examples of Aged/Distressed Costumes
  18. Section Ten Sources And Safety
    1. Chapter 25 Supply Sources and Safety Tips
      1. Supply Sources
      2. Safety Tips