Adaptive coupled-oscillator array beamforming, 317320

Adler’s equation, 10, 2021

Adler’s formalism

coupled oscillator arrays, alternative perturbation models, external injection locking, 249250

coupling delay, continuum models, causality violation, 149159

Admittance matrix

multiport passive coupling networks, 5566

single capacitor coupling network, 6266

Affine sets, beamforming, coupled oscillator arrays, convex optimization, 297301

All-to-all coupling phenomenon, coupling network parameters, 5866

Amplitude perturbations, beamforming, coupled oscillator arrays, 302307, 311317

multi-beam pattern generation, 314315

Antisymmetric detuning

linear arrays, continuum modeling, beam steering, 9395

planar arrays, continuum models, Cartesian coupling, without external injection, 107109

Aperture phase distributions

coupling delay, beam-steering, continuum model, 165172

planar-array experimentation, 188201

planar arrays, continuum models

Cartesian coupling, external injection locking, 109, 111121

hexagonal coupling schemes, 123125, 129130, 133137

triangular coupling schemes, 123127

Array factor, beamforming, coupled oscillator arrays, 302307

Array response, coupled oscillators, discrete model solution, 37

Asymmetric detuning, linear arrays, continuum model, beam steering via, 9395

Autonomous continuous time dynamic systems, perturbation models, 220222

Averaging theory, perturbation models

coupled oscillator systems, 231235

multiple time scales, 230231

phase ...

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