Chapter 15. Answers to All Cryptograms and Puzzles

In This Chapter

  • Look up the answers to every puzzle in the book

  • Check your work against these answers

Puzzle 1:

I propose that we meet personally to allow me to convey to you my plans, maps, and so forth.

Puzzle 2:

We have indeed established your credentials. Please tell me more about what you wish to offer to the service of the army of His Majesty the King.

Puzzle 3:

. . . appointed the head of Secret Intelligence for the British military forces who are fighting against the Colonial patriots.

Puzzle 4:

General Arnold has been slighted for promotion, accused of diverting military funds for personal use, and otherwise insulted by his associates among the rebel colonists.

Puzzle 5:

With the advent of war, the agenda of the Knights must change. Their public activity should focus on "peace," on fanning the flames of sympathy for the South and its cause, on promoting the good sense of slavery.

Puzzle 6:

Are you satisfied with a title like Governor — or would something like "Duke" suit you better? Washington would not accept the title of King; I do not have his prejudice against titles of nobility — and neither, I think, do you.

Puzzle 7:

Had I been more seen, just a slight bit more visible, among those who were gathering arms for my cause, then that court would have convicted me, all those years ago . . .

Puzzle 8:

I have always been interested to hear of your military exploits, and especially to hear of your much less wellknown activities involving ...

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