Cracking the Data Science Interview

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"Wanted: Data Scientist." You’ve learned the concepts, you've seen the six-figure salary estimates, and now you really want the job. But there’s a hurdle in the way: the job interview. Can you get one? And, once you land one, will you ace it or blow it?

This video covers the nuances, misconceptions, and realities of the data science job hiring process. Presented by a team of data science educators and job placement professionals, the video uses a series of mock interviews (the software engineering technical interview, the data science theory interview, and the applied data science interview) to explain the concepts you need to know, as well as the social and behavioral aspects necessary, to successfully navigate the data science interview process.

  • Explore the distinctions between job titles like data scientist, data analyst, and data engineer
  • Discover the "Growth Hacking" technique that will help you land interviews
  • Understand who the stakeholders are in the hiring process
  • Craft a "what-people-will-remember-about-you-​after-the-interview" sales pitch
  • Learn how to identify the data science concepts to review before the interview
  • Review techniques for passing the technical screen and what to do if you flub a question
  • Understand how to analyze salary vs. equity compensation offers

This video includes additional resources at​data-scientists-guide-to-interviewing.

Jonathan Dinu and Katie Kent direct the data science program at Galvanize, Inc., a data science training organization. Galvanize has campuses in San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, Fort Collins, Boulder, and Denver.

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  • Title: Cracking the Data Science Interview
  • Author(s): Jonathan Dinu, Katie Kent
  • Release date: March 2016
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781491924259