Building the Resolver

Let’s build the resolver function. It will grab the :input argument for us, and then call a general-purpose PlateSlate.Menu.create_item/1 function that will handle attempting to persist the record:

1: def​ create_item(_, %{​input:​ params}, _) ​do
2: case​ Menu.create_item(params) ​do
3:  {​:error​, _} ->
4:  {​:error​, ​"​​Could not create menu item"​}
5:  {​:ok​, _} = success ->
6:  success
7: end
8: end

Here’s how we’ve implemented PlateSlate.Menu.create_item/1:

 def​ create_item(attrs \\ %{}) ​do
  |> Item.changeset(attrs)
  |> Repo.insert()

The actual persistence of the ...

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