© Sibel Deren Guler, Madeline Gannon, and Kate Sicchio 2016

Sibel Deren Guler, Madeline Gannon and Kate Sicchio, Crafting Wearables, 10.1007/978-1-4842-1808-2_12

12. Beauty Tech

Sibel Deren Guler, Madeline Gannon2 and Kate Sicchio1

(1)Brooklyn, New York, USA

(2)Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Beauty and technology are two words that are not often used together. Technology might be described as being beautiful, in the sense that it is simple and well designed, but can beauty be technological? The term beauty technology, coined by computer scientist Katia Vega, is an emerging field of wearables that refers to electronic devices that are attached to the surface of the body and enable the wearer to interact with the digital world. These interactions are ...

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