craigslist 4 Everyone

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Craigslist 4 Everyone

Jobs. Housing. Customers. Stuff. Events. Advice. Even romance! It’s all waiting for you on craigslist... and this book will help you find it faster, smarter, and more safely. You name it, it’s covered here—with great insider tips and proven techniques! Get started today: Buy and sell merchandise, services, cars, and homes; generate leads; recruit staff or volunteers; promote your group, cause, candidate, or band; find great contractors or childcare; get or give a pet; arrange cheap rideshares and vacation swaps. Stay safe, no matter what you’re doing. This is the first book to take you deep inside craigslist and show you exactly how to get what you want there... whatever it might be!

You’ll Learn How To

     •    Quickly discover what craigslist offers in your city or neighborhood

     •    Write ads that get noticed—and get fast results

     •    Recognize and avoid scammers and identity thieves!

     •    Attract more people to your community event, concert, or yard sale

     •    Meet the partner of your dreams... safely!

     •    Build your small business, no matter what you sell

Jenna Lloyd has been using craigslist successfully since 2001 in both her business and personal life. She is a leading authority on online and multichannel retail marketing, an eBay PowerSeller, and currently helps others maximize their business profits through her company, Applied Force Marketing, LLC (

Sherry Kinkoph Gunter has written and edited scores of books over the past 16 years covering a wide variety of computer topics, including Microsoft Office, eBay,

digital photography, and Web applications.

Category Internet

Covers    craigslist

User Level    Beginning—Intermediate

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  • Title: craigslist 4 Everyone
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  • Release date: October 2008
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