Chapter 15

Post-Interview Self-Evaluation: How Did You Do?

How do you feel about the way you conducted yourself in your important one-on-one meeting? Were you poised and confident under pressure because you implemented all of the advice in the last 14 chapters of this book? Now that it's over, are you excited and exuberant? Or deflated and defeated? Do you feel hopeful, or are you sick to your stomach?

You would not be human if you didn't replay the entire episode in your head over and over again, from the time you were introduced to the interviewer, shook hands, and were invited to take a seat, until you rose from the chair 30 minutes or an hour later, shook his hand again, and thanked him for his time and the opportunity to interview for the available position. In the allotted time period, you applied the information you learned in this book. You stated your unique value proposition (UVP) as it applies to the job in question, your five-sentence life history, your three key strengths, and other relevant information about your background and life experiences. You're pleased with some of your responses to the interviewer's questions, and not so pleased with other answers. Don't keep kicking yourself in the head. We have all been there. Hopefully, you'll learn a few lessons that will work to your benefit in your next interview if you don't snag this job.

The best time to evaluate your interview performance is when your gut feeling is still present (hopefully, it's not aching and ...

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