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Create Competitive Advantage with Innovation (Collection)

Book Description

Four books bring together breakthrough insights and strategies for maximizing the business value of innovation – now, and for years to come

Four remarkable books help executive decision-makers and strategists overcome the stubborn obstacles to business innovation, and implement innovation strategies that really work. In Innovation that Fits: Moving Beyond the Fads to Choose the RIGHT Innovation Strategy for Your Business, three leading experts on commercializing innovation systematically teach the lessons of 250+ corporate innovation programs, defining a focused, integrated model for innovation that’s more well-grounded, more durable, and far more effective. Drawing on the failures of many innovation initiatives, they reveal the right time to use each approach, how to account for contingencies and risks, and how to focus on the core innovation challenges that matter most. In Doing Both: Capturing Today's Profit and Driving Tomorrow's Growth, Cisco Senior VP Inder Sidhu presents the “doing both” strategy that has helped Cisco double revenue, triple profits, and quadruple EPS through the most unstable global business environment in generations. Sidhu shows how to focus on innovation and core businesses; discipline and flexibility; customers and partners. You’ll learn how to avoid false choices, reduced expectations, and weak compromises—and find ways to make each option mutually reinforce the other. In The Open Innovation Marketplace, Alpheus Bingham and Dwayne Spradlin introduce groundbreaking strategies for leveraging a world of innovators to develop breakthrough products faster, with lower cost and risk. Drawing on their experience pioneering the InnoCentive open innovation platform, they show how to dramatically increase the flow of high-value innovations you can discover—and deliver. Disrupt introduces a complete five-step program for identifying disruptive business opportunities—and successfully executing on them! frog design’s Luke Williams combines the design industry’s most powerful creativity techniques with true business implementation discipline. Using case studies, you’ll walk through defining and brainstorming ideas, crafting coherent solutions, getting buy-in, and more.

From world-renowned leaders in business-focused innovation, includingMichael Lord, Donald deBethizy, Jeffrey Wager, Inder Sidhu, Alpheus Bingham, Dwayne Spradlin, and Luke Williams

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Innovation That Fits: Moving Beyond the Fads to Choose the RIGHT Innovation Strategy for Your Business
    1. Copyright
    2. Dedication
    3. Table of Contents
    4. Acknowledgments
    5. About the Authors
    6. Chapter 1. Making Sense of Innovation Fads and Fashions
    7. Chapter 2. Corporate Venturing: Best of Both Worlds or Venturing Too Far?
    8. Chapter 3. The Virtual Asset-Lite Model: Intellectual Property Licensing
    9. Chapter 4. Innovation by Alliance: Reconsidering Innovation Collaboration
    10. Chapter 5. R&D by M&A: Innovation by Acquisition
    11. Chapter 6. Spinnovation: Liberating Value or Spinning Out of Control?
    12. Chapter 7. Conclusion: Toward a New Model for Innovation
    13. Endnotes
    14. Index
  3. Doing Both
    1. Copyright Page
    2. Contents
    3. Praise for Doing Both
    4. Acknowledgments
    5. Author’s Note to the Reader
    6. Chapter 1. Doing Both
    7. Chapter 2. New & Improved
    8. Chapter 3. Current Accounts
    9. Chapter 4. Tuning
    10. Chapter 5. Satisfied Customers
    11. Chapter 6. The Beaten Path
    12. Chapter 7. Doing Things Right
    13. Chapter 8. Michael Phelps
    14. Chapter 9. West Point
    15. Chapter 10. The Journey Begins
    16. Epilogue
    17. About the Author
    18. Endnotes
    19. Index
    20. Financial Times Press
  4. The Open Innovation Marketplace
    1. Copyright Page
    2. Dedication
    3. Contents
    4. Praise for The Open Innovation Marketplace
    5. Foreword
    6. Acknowledgments
    7. About the Authors
    8. Preface
    9. 1. Introduction
    10. I. Challenge Driven Innovation: How a Marketplace of Innovation Allows Us to Reframe the Innovation Model, Improve Performance, and Manage Risk
      1. 2. The Future of Value Creation
      2. 3. A New Innovation Framework
      3. 4. The Long Tail of Expertise
      4. 5. The Selection of Appropriate Innovation Channels
    11. II. The Challenge Driven Enterprise: Virtualizing the Business Model to Drive Innovation, Agility, and Value Creation
      1. 6. The Challenge Driven Enterprise
      2. 7. Transformation
      3. 8. The Challenge Driven Enterprise Playbook
      4. 9. Leadership
    12. Afterword
    13. Endnotes
    14. Supplemental Reading
    15. index
    16. Financial Times Press
  5. Disrupt
    1. Copyright Page
    2. Contents
    3. Acknowledgments
    4. INTRODUCTION: Disruptive Thinking: The Revolution Is in Full Swing
    5. Chapter 1: Crafting a Disruptive Hypothesis: Be Wrong at the Start to Be right at the end
    6. Chapter 2: Discovering a Disruptive Opportunity: Explore the Least Obvious
    7. Chapter 3: Generating a Disruptive Idea: Unexpected Ideas have Fewer Competitors
    8. Chapter 4: Shaping a Disruptive Solution: Novelty for Novelty’s Sake Is a Resource Killer
    9. Chapter 5: Making a Disruptive Pitch: Under prepare the Obvious, Over prepare the Unusual
    10. EPILOGUE: An Instinct for Change: look Where No one Else is looking
    11. Quick Reference Guide: Process Summary
    12. Endnotes
    13. About the Author
    14. Index
  6. The Global Brain
    1. Copyright Page
    2. Dedication Page
    3. Contents
    4. Praise for The Global Brain
    5. Acknowledgments
    6. About the Authors
    7. Foreword
    8. Introduction
    9. Part I: From Firm-Centric to Network-Centric Innovation
      1. Chapter 1. The Power of Network-Centricity
      2. Chapter 2. Understanding Network-Centric Innovation
    10. Part II: The Landscape of Network-Centric Innovation
      1. Chapter 3. The Four Models of Network-Centric Innovation
      2. Chapter 4. Innovation Networks: The Players and the Plays
    11. Part III: The Four Models of Network-Centric Innovation
      1. Chapter 5. The Orchestra Model
      2. Chapter 6. The Creative Bazaar Model
      3. Chapter 7. The Jam Central Model
      4. Chapter 8. The MOD (“MODification”) Station Model
    12. Part IV: Executing Network-Centric Innovation
      1. Chapter 9. Deciding Where and How to Play
      2. Chapter 10. Preparing the Organization
    13. Part V: Globalization and Network-Centric Innovation
      1. Chapter 11. Globalizing Network-Centric Innovation: The Dragon and the Tiger
      2. Chapter 12. Concluding Thoughts and Actions for “Monday” Morning...
    14. References
    15. Index